Xplora has experienced professional of biostatistics who all are committed for generating quality data for conduction of smooth operation of events of clinical trials at different stages. Our core biostatistics services involve end to end services of biostatics required for transmission of clinical trial like generation of table, statistical analysis of plans, comparison of data and its analysis, listing and figures and statistical analysis. Teams of keen biostatician at Xplora are committed and focused to provide services which include

Pre Clinical Services: Xplora provide consultancy for the preclinical studies to achieve the objective of a study and support the same.

Protocol Input: Our services include calculation of sample size, justification for endpoints, deciding trial methodology at the starting of any clinical trial

Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP): Our bio statisticians are involve to ensure to get all the trial related results on the same page to ensure accurate trial outcome in order to make trial related activities innovative Statistical Reports and Clinical Trial Reports Generation: We have very trained and dedicated statistical team and medical writing team to generate a quality and accurate statistical and clinical trial report for our clients

Interim Report and Data Safety Monitoring Board: Xplora offers a keen and unique service to plan Interim analysis of data and monitoring safety.